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Keffo Kup 2018 Travellers Guide

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Keffo Kup XVIII

da Venue : Ala Grendehus
da Venue : Ala Grendehus @ Mobakken

All timings in Norwegian local times, using 24hrs clock

#The original way
Nobody, sadly, will reach the venue by dying heroically in combat..
So watch your steps, drive safely and plan your travel route.

#Using roads
We imagine you'll manage to find us if you're within driving distance.. The Venue, Ala Grendehus, is at Mobakken skijump facility 5-10 min north of Setermoen (click above picture for map).

da Keffo Kup schedule is set to work with the first flight from Oslo Gardermoen (OSL) to Bardufoss (BDU) on Saturday and the last flight from BDU to OSL on Sunday. It will be possible to come friday evening, for those who want that.

Norwegian is the only company flying here, so no need to choose wisely.. First you need to find your way to Oslo Gardermoen Airport (OSL).

We recommend you all to order your plane tickets early, as they might rise in prize and the plane(s) might get fully booked.

Friday flights
2050 - 2240 from OSL - BDU would be the comfortable option.

Saturday flights
0855 - 1045 from OSL - BDU would be a valid option if you can reach its early departure and get ready quickly upon arrival at the venue.

Sunday flights
2050 - 2240 from BDU - OSL will give you time to finish your last game and partake in the award ceremony. The 1600 flight would be to early.

Monday flights
0640 - 0830 from BDU - OSL is a bit early, but a valid option, as the bus leaves at 0520.
1120 - 1310 - second monday flight from BDU - OSL would be the comfortable option.

#Buss express
There is a corresponding buss pr flight going from the BDU airport to Setermoen. There is one for the army and one for civilians, here you can choose wizely.. They're both 20m to the right as you exit the terminal.

The buss leaves as soon as all passangers has got their luggage, the drivers are helpfull guiding you to the right one.

There's a corresponding buss from Setermoen to BDU as well, using this schedule.

#Setermoen to Ala Grendehus and other pickups
The venue is about 10min north of Setermoen (back towards the airport). We'll arange a pickup at the buss stop in Setermoen Sentrum on Saturday, as most of us live there. This will be approx 1130.

Pickups at BDU airport on friday can be arranged.

#Sleeping and eating
Bring your sleeping bags and we'll manage to squeeze you in at the venue (fri-sun) or at a private accomodation.

Some might want to rent a room at this local hotell. Then it would be wize to know some norwegian words or ask a norwegian friend for some help..

Dinner on saturday is included in the tournament fee, other than that there will be some food of sorts/nutrition at the Kiosk. And offcourse, Keffo.

* We'll do our best to help you're journey be well worth it.

Still workin on getting more awards, but this is our plan for now:

Best Team - a Custom Keffo Kup Field, a Keffo Koffee Cup and da Golden Keffo Ork

Runner Up - Keffo Koffee Kups and da Keffo Koffee Kap

Third - Keffo Koffee Kup and da Keffo Koffee Kap

Best Stuntie Team - Keffo Koffee Kup & Lion Cubs' Back Pack

MVP Offence - Keffo Kup MVP

MVP Defence - Keffo Kup MVP

Best Painted Team - da Keffo Kup Kap and da New Trophy Prototype, as designed by Whitefoot3D

Best Swede Award - Inforthepain Sweden Jersey

The Winner will also get the NAF Champions Trophy

Come 'n get some!

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