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Keffo Kup XVIII

#Gold Pieces
We'll primarily take payment by card at the venue, using iZettle.

The Kiosk might also take cash payment (TBD)
The Merchandize department might accept PayPal (TBD)
Vipps migt be da final option (TBD)

At the Kiosk you may get your Norwegian Hot-Dogs, Keffo Koffee and other important stuff to survive during and between matches.

The Kiosk Staff will be the ones preparing our dinner, Norwegian "Elggryte", for eatin'.

da Beer to go with them battles will be sorted by another Krew, maybe da Referees.
If so, bribes will be sold by da same Krew.

There will be merchandize available for sale:
- da Keffo Koffee Kup*, huge edition, at 150 NOK (includes free Keffo Koffee at event).
- da Keffo Koffee Kap*, black one size fit most edition, at 200 NOK.
- da Keffo Kup field**, hard version, at 850 NOK.

* Until stock runs out
** Limited number and after da Keffo Kup Award Ceremony. The field will also be available from ff-fields at some point.

Still workin on getting more awards, but this is our plan for now:

Best Team - a Custom Keffo Kup Field, a Keffo Koffee Cup and da Golden Keffo Ork

Runner Up - Keffo Koffee Kups and da Keffo Koffee Kap

Third - Keffo Koffee Kup and da Keffo Koffee Kap

Best Stuntie Team - Keffo Koffee Kup & Lion Cubs' Back Pack

MVP Offence - Keffo Kup MVP

MVP Defence - Keffo Kup MVP

Best Painted Team - da Keffo Kup Kap and da New Trophy Prototype, as designed by Whitefoot3D

Best Swede Award - Inforthepain Sweden Jersey

The Winner will also get the NAF Champions Trophy

Come 'n get some!

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