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#Basic Rules
1. Keffo Kup are played with the Competition Rules Pack*
2. The rules for the five (towards CRP, three towards BB2016 rules) extra teams Slann, Daemons of Khorne, Bretonnia Underworld Denizens and Chaos Renegades will be included. All sanctioned teams are in our reference database.
3. Theese NAF guidelines regarding the new GW released rules apply, changes as summarized in the linked document. Clarification: PILING ON will be allowed withouth any team re-rolls required.

Team Value:
Each coach build their team with a treasury consisting of 1,100,000 gold crowns.

We play with normal skill progression, but: no injuries** are registered (resurrection style as the valkyries bring back the fallen and injured after each match) and no other team changes (buying or selling players/coachingstaff/rerolls) are allowed. So basically it is a ressurection style tournament with the possibility to earn more SPP and skills.

*A winter weather table will be used for all the games, replacing the one in the CRP, and the three "newly" realeased GW-rules (BB2016, DZ1 and DZ2) will be allowed as they are essentially the same as the CRP, just not complete with races and such.
**Zombies: A killed player will act as a Zombie for the duration of the match, the necromancer animating their lifeless body, but will not be a permanent addition to the "undead" teams killing them as the Valkyries will be there to ressurect them.

Inducements are available for all teams with the following restrictions:
All teams can buy 0-1 Star Players to their roster permanently for the tournament, but must have at least 11 regular players before doing so. Tier 3 teams can instead buy 0-2 Star Players in the same way.
Goblins may induce 0-3 bribes and Halflings may induce 0-1 master chef before each match.
Special play cards are NOT used.

Difference in Team Value (will arize when teams develop skills) is used to calculate available inducements before each game. The team Treasury may also be spent on inducements.

#Team Help for stunties
Goblin Trolls may choose block on a normal roll, but this is still valued as a double skill. A commish will need to edit this skill to your troll.
When halfling treemen take root they will be freed before rolling take root again in their next turn, as the halflings are so good at tending to their treemen needs. Theese treemen may also take block on normal rolls, valued as a double skill and edited in by a commish.

The optional tournament rules "GOBLIN12", "HALFLING12" and "OGRE12" will NOT be used.
Seasoned Coaches should note that da Keffo Kup, as it has rizen in popularity, is under scrutiny by the NAF. The NAF have learned that tiny players tend to sneak on to the field. Hence a separate staff of referees have been sent with the sole purpose of counting halflings, grots and other stunty players, making sure there is never more than 11 players from each team on the pitch. This negates the opportunity for stunty teams to sneak a 12th player onto the pitch. The rules have been updated, and reading this any coaches used to "bending the rules" in this way know as well.

#Skills through SPPs available for distriburion
Before the first round of the tournament, i.e. upon registration, all teams have a number of SPP available to distribute at the discretion of their coach, any combination is valid. This can result in the need to roll for skills, wich will be done online at the AnBBL page.

See the tier chart below for information on how many SPP your selected team can distribute upon registration. Also 3 extra MVPs will be randomly rolled for by da Commish at game number three, as described in the Keffo Kup Promotional MVPs.

Skill stacking, double rolls and stat upgrades are allowed if the SPP earnings and online roll dictates this.

Keffo Kup Promotional MVPs:
da Keffo Kup is all about branding and sponsors getting their product placed and associated with da stars. As a result players on your team may be exposed to partaking in various commersial stunts, during da Keffo Kup, and as a result become "famed" stars themselves (if the promotors can remember their jersey number). To represent this the promotors randomly determine 3 MVPs.

Immidiatly before round 2 the tournament commish will randomly determine an additional 3 MVPs by rolling one D3 towards coach nominees and two D16s towards roster numbers. Before the rolls are done, the coaches nominate 3 of their players for the D3 roll so that their opponent clarely knows the nominees. The one-three resulting MVPs are noted on the match report, later joined by the normal MVP of the game, for a total of 2-4 MVPs in round 2.

Note that you might miss out on one or two of the D16 MVPs, if you are unlucky enough to lack the corresponding number.. Maybe next year your players should work harder to gain the attention of the sponsors.. This could result in an additional 15 SPPs after round 2 and a need to roll for skills before round 3.

Tier 1
21 SPP upon registration.

Wood Elf, Undead, Lizardmen, Skaven, Dwarf, Chaos Dwarf, Orcs, Dark Elf, Norse, Amazon, Bretonnian.

Tier 2
27 SPP upon registration and 20K extra cash.

Chaos Chosen, Chaos Renegades, Human, Khemri, Slann, Necromantic Horrors, High Elf, Elf, Nurgle, Daemons of Khorne, Elven Union.

Tier 3
27 SPP upon registration and 50K extra cash.

Underworld Denizens, Halfling, Goblin, Ogre, Vampire

The rosters will be printed as part of the match registration forms, and will be distributed by the AnBBL Staff before each round.

There will be a team of playing referees at the venue to help solve problems if they arise.

Feel free to contact one of the referees if not able to solve a situation by yourself. The referees will also keep track of game time and if your match is not progressing fast enough you will be asked to use a 3 minute timer on your cellular phones or similar.

All coaches should bring a timer or app to use if necessary to keep matches on time.

#Tournament format
Da Keffo Kup consist of FIVE rounds. Opponents are paired by Swiss-draw in round two to five. In the first round draws are made randomly.

W-T-L = 5-3-1

Tie breakers:
In the case of equal point score in the table of standings the following tie-breaker is used:
- first by own Cas score
- then by own TD score
- then by CAS against
- then by TD against
- last by Coin Toss, using the AnBBL Coin.

NB!! : All casualties counts, and should be registered the way they happen (foul, Merc/Starplayer, player number, random events).

#Paint and miniatures
Painted miniatures are not mandatory (though we urge you to do so).

The miniatures doesn't have to be original GW-minis. However the miniatures must be representative for the roster's race and players (ie a Norse thrower must look like a Norse thrower) and be easily recognizable from other positionals.

We encourage you to use the following color coded bases:
Dark Grey: Lineman
Red: Blitzer
Green: Blocker
White / bright grey: Thrower
Yellow: Catcher
Orange: Runner
Purple: Special players, like troll slayers, ogres and minotaurs etc.
Gold: Star Player

If your opponent can't easily recognize the different player types on your team, you must let him mark them somehow (without damaging the miniatures, of course). This could be with bottle caps, tiny colored rubber bands or colored rings etc.

Team Anarchy will host hobby nights leading up to the tournament helping new local players to get some paint on their teams :)

#Rules for fairplay
In order to ensure a tournament in good sport and the best fun for everybody there are a series of rules that can be agreed upon by both coaches in their mutual game.
In example: "Illegal procedure", "What is NOT a cocked Dice", "what applies if you roll the wrong number of block dice" and "when is it too late to change your mind on a player's movement/action".

A rule you have agreed upon is fixed afterwards - unless both coaches agree to cancel it again.

Aside from this there is also a single rule to ensure both coaches feels the dices are, if not even, at least the same.

1) You must allow your opponent to use your dice if he so wishes.

2) If the game comes under the time rules (see above) You can mutually agree that a player who runs out of time isn´t forced to abandon all voluntary actions. When the time runs out both coaches should end at the same number of turns, but you should both finish your turns quickly and within 3 minutes.

Still workin on getting more awards, but this is our plan for now:

Best Team - a Custom Keffo Kup Field, a Keffo Koffee Cup and da Golden Keffo Ork

Runner Up - Keffo Koffee Kups and da Keffo Koffee Kap

Third - Keffo Koffee Kup and da Keffo Koffee Kap

Best Stuntie Team - Keffo Koffee Kup & Lion Cubs' Back Pack

MVP Offence - Keffo Kup MVP

MVP Defence - Keffo Kup MVP

Best Painted Team - da Keffo Kup Kap and da New Trophy Prototype, as designed by Whitefoot3D

Best Swede Award - Inforthepain Sweden Jersey

The Winner will also get the NAF Champions Trophy

Come 'n get some!

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