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Race:  AnBBL Staff
Coach:  The Ref
co-coach:  Capshaw
This is the characters that's in charge of the AnBBL, the pieces that keep the engines running.

All staff members have some form of career in the game of Blood Bowl. Most of them are players that have drifted into new realms of BloodBowl - finding they can make as much money in this more relaxing way as a staff.

It has never happened that the AnBBL Staff have had to take the field for any reason, and it most likely will never happen. Nonetheless, they all try to stay in shape.

The AnBBL Staff is led by The Ref, Commish of the AnBBL.

AnBBL Staff team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
July 2nd, 2018 - old news
Team Transfers
This week Lion Cubs are transferred from group Setermoen to group Hamar in the Semi Pro XV tournament, and suddenly there's some teams below them on the score boards.

Best of luck to the proud sponsors of the "Best Stunty Team Award" during this years Keffo Kup XVIII.
- The Ref
June 29th, 2018 - old news
The Punishment, Season XII
Per match a team failed to play during Elite Season XII, a random player has been FINED through a bounty of 20.000gp to their "person".

The teams that failed to play their scheduled matches during Elite Season XII were:
- Bardu Bengals (1 match)
- Doxic Avengers (1 match)
- Smashkit Dozers (2 matches)

The random players fined on behalf of their teams are:
- George mcBrewski
- St Bloaty McBloatface
- Ian Timmi Dait
- da Boss o'Moons

Happy Hunting!
- The Ref
June 28th, 2018 - old news
Stranger Things Have Happened
Catching everybody off guard, Motbydelig Horde and their coach Kyrre exploit the fact that both teams above them on the Elite Season XII score board were absent for the South Conference Final, taking their place and winning the title!

Hence they take the South Conference Champions title and Trophy Of The South home.

We, the AnBBL Staff and commishes of the league, have approved the SC Final, both despite and due to the circumstances.
- The Ref
June 1st, 2017 - old news
Sanctions against.. Kim
As all the players on Pyongyang Panthers are named kim, there will be no possible way to know who actually did what.

#The following is an explanatory event from the Semi Pro:
The referee: "Who scored that touchdown?"
...Not seeing as he was busy expelling a fouling player named Kim....

Kim "It was Kim".

The referee: "What? Then who did I just send to the dungeons for fouling?"

Another Kim "oh, that was kim".

#So much confusion:
This has caused so much complaints from the AnBBL MVP Comittee and the league of referees that the AnBBL Commisioner Council has decided to remove the skaven team from the elite season, Season XII.
- The Ref
Tournaments played:
Season VII, Season VIII, Season IX, Season X, Keffo Kup XVIII
Playing in:
Season XII
Trophies won:

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