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Keffo Kup XVIII

All timings in Norwegian local times

2000-2200 Staff preparations
2100 first round draw *

2050 - 2240 last friday flight from OSL - BDU with Norwegian

0855 - 1045 only saturday flight from OSL - BDU with Norwegian

1100-1200 get in and get ready

1200-1430 game 1
1430-1520 lunch
1520-1530 Promotional MVPs announced **
1530-1800 game 2
1800-1900 dinner
1900-2130 game 3 ***


0900-1130 game 4 (da hangover one)
1130-1230 lunch
1230-1500 game 5 ****
1530 award ceremony

1600- cleaning up, free casual gaming
1900 - venue close

2050 - 2240 last sunday flight from BDU - OSL with Norwegian

0640 - 0830 - first monday flight from BDU - OSL with Norwegian
1120 - 1310 - second monday flight from BDU - OSL with Norwegian

* under live stream consideration
** AnBBL staff rolls 2D16 vs roster and 1D3 vs coach own nominees (checked by 3rd game opponent)
*** Coaches register their 1-3 promotional MVPs in addition to normal game MVPs
**** Double winnings for all, sponsored by da Keffo Krumpany (and da Expensive Mistakes crew)

Still workin on getting more awards, but this is our plan for now:

Best Team - a Custom Keffo Kup Field, a Keffo Koffee Cup and da Golden Keffo Ork

Runner Up - Keffo Koffee Kups and da Keffo Koffee Kap

Third - Keffo Koffee Kup and da Keffo Koffee Kap

Best Stuntie Team - Keffo Koffee Kup & Lion Cubs' Back Pack

MVP Offence - Keffo Kup MVP

MVP Defence - Keffo Kup MVP

Best Painted Team - da Keffo Kup Kap and da New Trophy Prototype, as designed by Whitefoot3D

Best Swede Award - Inforthepain Sweden Jersey

The Winner will also get the NAF Champions Trophy

Come 'n get some!

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