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AnBBL consist of teams in two concentrated parts of Norway. Setermoen teams attend the North Conference, while Hamar & Oslo teams attend the South Conference.

Find more about us through our Team Anarchy web page.

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Presented by Team Anarchy

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May 22nd, 2017 - NEW !!!
ROTYL XVII Champions
The rookie team of the year is Warpstone Warriors, after their victory against Børstad Beers in the ROTYL XVII Final.

The Rotyl MVPs have been awarded their rightfull awards, earning their teams another 50kgp too.

By winning the ROTYL XVII, Warpstone Warriors has secured their place in the Champions Cup.
- The Ref
May 2nd, 2017
Season XII open!
The first Elite Season in years, namely Season XII, are now open for entry!

Sign up to win the ultimate prize and everlasting glory!

Geographicly arranged groupes / conferences.
AnBBL Champions Final.
- The Ref
Apr. 25th, 2017
Semi Pro XIV OPEN!
You may enter up to 10 of your teams to the Semi Pro XIV tournament!

Press the blue arrow beside your teams here and then press the correct season to enter.
- The Ref
Apr. 25th, 2017
Semi Pro XIII closed
The resumé of matches can be seen here, though there is no winners exept the MVPs in the Semi Pro.

The Two MVPs have earned their teams 50kgp and become Fan Favourites.

Nulaet Glitterpriest finally made it after signing for the Bordellaux Broncos 10 years ago during Elite Season IV, while Overherre Svart came in like a shooting star this year for the Motbydelig Horde 1994 playing in both Semi Pro XIII and in the Rookie of the Year League XVII simultaniously.
- The Ref
Apr. 24th, 2017
Keffo Kup XVII Finished!
Da results are in!

Da tournament information package has been moved to ##LINKS##.

Da Keffo Kup 17 can be found under All Tournaments.
- The Ref

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Keffo Kup 17
RookieOfTheYear XVII
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Latest bulletins:
Warpstone Warriors
The gold is ours, harr harr harr! And ...
Warpstone Warriors
We gots gold.. wantses more!
Lillebjørns Regnbue
A crippeling blow
The team’s namesake, kroxigor ...
Latest matches:
Champions Cup, First Sub Finals
  1    Lustria Ancients
  5    Warpstone Warriors

Semi Pro XIV, Last stand
  1    Bleikmyr Brutes
  1    Ballers of Shadow...

  1    Børstad Beers
  3    Warpstone Warriors

Nellie´s League, round 2
  2    Ankerskogen Blodb...
  3    Wampire Counts vo...
Nellie´s League, round 2
  1    Åker Nihilistiske...
  4    Lightspeed Champi...
Nellie´s League, round 2
  2    Dyscalculic Seven
  1    Crimson Tide
Nellie´s League, round 3
  0    Underworld Overlo...
  2    Børstad Beers

Semi Pro XIV, Banzai
  2    Pyongyang Panthers
  0    Bleikmyr Brutes
Semi Pro XIV, Kokos kveld
  4    Wampire Counts vo...
  0    AnBBL Legacy Team...

Nellie´s League, round 1
  2    Ankerskogen Blodb...
  2    Bittercorp

Semi Pro XIV, semipro
  3    Ankerskogen Blodb...
  2    Underworld Overlo...
Semi Pro XIV, Semipro
  1    Team Antonsen
  1    Snötheads
Semi Pro XIV, semipro
  1    Løiten Liniemænd
  0    Orctic Monkeyz
Semi Pro XIV, BloodBank
  1    Kvaløya Krøshers
  3    Wampire Counts vo...
Semi Pro XIV, semipro
  2    Lillebjørns Regnbue
  2    Lightspeed Champi...
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