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Jan. 4th, 2008
"Pitiful humans...
... we wish you all a memorable 'year' of your 'calender' or whatever it is you measure your pitiful existence in. " -- Seraiah Desire
- Michael
Dec. 21st, 2007
In addition
Hannibal Hector seems to be inflicted with something worse than "Nurgle's Rot". We will not deny our involvement.

The wimp-elves of Elve Elegante should probarly thank us , I guess, as we've cleaned out a few never-do-wells'. Our Sorceror-Coach's weather spell affecting the Kadrin Pass means that the league final will be forfeith. (As we was robbed, so shall you.)
- Michael
Dec. 20th, 2007
We deliver
"First we promised that only one elf-team would *walk* away with the Bronze medal" - Seraiah Desire

"Secondly, the Ratten Kameraten, believed their luck changed in the Ratten Kameraten - Jungelfeber (Season IV, SC Final). We know better." Abigail Fellate

"Third. The Commishinars should all have woken up with their favorite pets.

Mutilated." -- Jeremiah Lovesick

"Fourth, playing Blood Bowl is a sweaty activity, and allthough I enjoy them, Blood Bowl is not at the top of that list. Therefore, we have, after a little encouragement decided to 'sponsor' the Grim Rapers's inclusion in the Alpha League South." -- Michaiah Cunnilinctus

"Damned, I'm angry. Busting busting high elf skulls wasn't enough, I propose a GRUDGE-match agaisnt the thiefling Ratten Kameraten" -- Jeremiah Lovesick , Mordecai the Lustful and Zechariah Craving in a chorus.
- Michael
Dec. 13th, 2007
SC-Alpha Bronse-final
"One elf-team will walk away without a prize, who will that be?" -- Sideline-Sally

"Well, I think the real question is if any wimp-elfs will walk away at all. We were robbed by the rats, someone has to pay!" -- Mordecai the Lustful, self-proclaimed star blitzer
- Michael
Dec. 7th, 2007
Nuffle be damned!
We trained two days prior to our game against the Ratten Kameraten, we've greased the pockets of the referee commity with thousands of gold-pieces and then nuffle lets a weakling gutter-rat smash our skilled blitzer due to a small patch of slippery grass...

However, we played the game like the True Dark Kin, and Elve Elegante should fear our next encounter!
- Michael
Nov. 17th, 2007
New staff
"We've added our supplier 'Sportin'Joel' to the team roster, as it's tax-deductable to use drugs when supplied on-field." -- Shemaiah Lavish

"This Rawks!" -- Michaiah Cunnilinctus
- Michael
Nov. 6th, 2007
Doing adequate.
"Still top of the division," mumbles Uriah Deep. "but we were challenged in the game against the lizards, several of our players almost broke into a sweat. We need to improve our offence."

"Bah, offence-schmoffence," says Jeremiah Lovesick, "we have the tightest defence in the league, and we're even the most violent without even trying."

Neriah Downer, the new recruit, softly sings on the old schläger: "Ti-iime is on my side, yes it is."
- Michael
Oct. 1st, 2007
Soutch Conferenca and Keffo Cup
- Now, over to you Sideline-Sally, we've heard you have the full attention of Nathan Potente of the Salacious Sybarites.

"That's right, Arnu, I'm ly-, eh. standing here with the well-endowed young Blood Bowler Nathan Potente. Now, Nathan, your teammates have talked down on the Northern Conference, due to the rather surprising win of the da Sneaky Runtz in the Keffo Cup, when it is clear that South Conference Bravo teams may join as well. What do you have to say about this, Nathan?"

- Well, Salacious Sally, the Bravo-teams of the South Conference is manure as well. That's why it's called 'the Bravo-Division", dubbing it secondary in quality. As it stands, the South Conference as well, have inferiour teams, and the Grim Rapers, who you'd think have potetial doesn't take the game seriously enough, trying to pretend they're pansy-elfs.
- Michael
Sep. 30th, 2007
Not exactly impressed
"Hah, the Northern Conference seems truly pitiful, having a goblin team emerge as winners of the Keffo Cup. The NCA-winners will be an easy match, once the AnBBL-Final is played. Whether we meet the pitiful humans that have no life besides their team, or our fleet-footed, but weakling tree-hugging brethren is of no consequence. First we'll show the incompetent 69'er-orks how to play before we utterly demolish the weakling, self-dubbed 'high elves.' of Elve Elegante" --Uriah Deep

"The only thing 'high' about them is their place on our 'to mutilate'-list" -- Jeremiah Lovesick
- Michael
Sep. 23rd, 2007
Heard on open mike-night
in the Black Ôyster Bar, by Salacious Sybarites's Seraiah Desire on the 'NC Ramble':

"What do you have with eight injured humans of northern decent?
- a good start and an easy touchdown."

- Maleficum
Sep. 20th, 2007
*Polite, sardonic applause*
"We really like to commend our prancing willow-wanker-cousins teach the lowly, undeveloped primates of superiority. We really didn't think you had it in you" -- Shemaiah Lavish
- Maleficum
Sep. 7th, 2007
(Wimp)Elfs are in season..
"While we're always happy that our lighter cousins get hurt, the results in Ratten Kameraten - Elve Elegante (Season IV, SC 1) is an affront to Elven Superiority! The pitiful rats better start worrying about the end of season, or as they will discover, the end of rat audacity and cheekfulness. Rats will soon be in season!" -- Mordecai the Lustful, Star Blitzer of the AnBBL Southern Conference

"...and we'd like to add; a 'hahaha' to our weaker cousins. <snicker>." --Seraiah Desire, proud lineelf and damned good-looking

(we remind our listeners that all descripions are submitted to us from the interviewed players, and that the Salacious Sybarites has yet to play a game.)
- Maleficum
Aug. 29th, 2007
A new team enters the League
- That's right, Bob, a newcomer team has entered the south conference of the minor Anarchy league. In typical Elven Arrogance™ they have refused dirtying their uniforms with practice matches, relying on the warm-up capabilities of sodo-sadistic orgies of pain and pernicious pleasure. In an interview with our own; Delicious Sally, a spokeself said:

"We are more than ready to teach the primates and the rotting carcases of Elven Superiority, we've even read the rules during a 'Perverted Poems Evening' and had a practice session, before we sacrificed some haflings to 'The Lady in Waiting', We do look forward to eviscerating our weaker cousins, the Elve Elegante!"
-- Mordecai the Lustful, self-proclaimed Star Blitzer of the Salacious Sybarites

- We certainly look forward to their debut, against the Lords of the Pit, don't we Jim? The Salacious Sybarites are certain of victory, how can their Mysterious™ Coach assure that? Jim!?

- Well, to assure victory, Bob, the Sybarites will have to score more than their opponent.

- There you have it folks! We're looking forward to the game, you should stand in line for tickets as we speak. We leave you now, with a word from our sponsors.
- Maleficum
Salacious Sybarites
Race:  Dark Elf
Coach:  ?

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