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  MVP nomination
Players who never sat foot in the dugout or on the pitch are not eligible - ie. players who must miss the match due to injury.

#Let the MVP committee decide:
Coaches nominate three of their players that are eligible for the MVP, and then the opposing coach roll a D3 to randomly determine the MVP of the match. This is the new normal procedure in the AnBBL.

#Or let the fans decide:
If you choose to let the fans randomly decide the MVP, you are free to do so. The opposing coach then rolls a D16 or D20 to randomly select your MVP. Mercenaries, Journeymen, Star Players and players who died in the match are eligible when rolling for MVP in this way, as the fans might like one of those players best. Remember to write hired players down as players on the temporary roster on the match sheet - people tend to forget about them when rolling for MVP.

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