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Match result

Season VI, Semi Pros
Team badge
Morgheim Man Manglers

gate: 25 000
1 TD score 3
cas score
Orc logo
no custom badge
Blackhand's Hammers


TD Scorers
Ghok Bashguud
Urok Doomhowl
Foulers (no cas)

profile Tot Ankh Caramba
mercenary / fans / random event
Badly Hurt'ers
Serious Injurers
Grom Hellscream
Bannok Grimaxe
mercenary / fans / random event

profile Amon II dead
profile Amon II dead
Completions By
Interceptions By

Braainz Bounty (20000 gp)
MVP awards to
  Sustained Injuries  

victim regenerated
-1 ST

profile Ami Re Surrect dead
profile Amon II dead
Result added October 17th, 2008

Match notes
The match started with Tot Ankh Caramba rolling double skulls. The Re Roll succeeds, but everyone on Morgheim Man Manglers takes the bad omen seriosly. They continue play, and Amon II makes a perfect pass to Seth, but the superstitious player fails to catch it. Bannok Grimaxe kills Ami Re Surrect in the following turn, and not even his ability to regenerate could help him this time. In turn 4 Galvanger scores; 1-0 to Blackhand's Hammers In the final turn the Undeads have another chnce to equal the score, but thet fail a hand off.

In their first turn in the second half Amon II dodges to his death. Zoran Polerider 1 dice blitzes down Durotan, gets hold of the ball and scores. 1-1! In turn 4 Blackhand's Hammers 2 dice blitzes a ghoul away, and Ghok Bashguud can score with ease. 2-1. The Undeads start to take chances, and in turn 6 Seth fails an optimistic long pass to unmarked Ra. This in turn leads to yet another T.D. in turn 8 by Urok Doomhowl, scuring a 3-1 win for Blackhand's Hammers.

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