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Match result

Semi Pro XIV, nelliepro
Motbydelig Horde 1994

gate: 29 000
0 TD score 2
cas score
Lightspeed Champions

TD Scorers
Gallant Fox

Rykarth Zu Karaz
Badly Hurt'ers
Phar Lap
Hurdles Bounty (40000 gp)

Overherre Svart Bounty (250000 gp)
Serious Injurers
Hurdles Bounty (40000 gp)
Completions By
Interceptions By

Duraz Lang
MVP awards to
  Sustained Injuries  
Niggling Injury
John Henry retired

victim healed by apoth
-1 ST

Zlymon Død dead
Result added November 5th, 2017

Match notes
Very sunny as Lightspeed Champions kicked off against the veterans of team(id) at Nellie Arena. The chaos dwarfs form up a cage and start bashing up field. Star player Eldril Sidewinder is knocked out
with many of his team mates in the first drive. The relentless harassment of the cage finally pays of when Phar Lap takes ball carrier Azgali out of the game in a risky uphill block. The Wood elfs have no problems screening off the cha
os dwarfs for a touchdown late in the first half.

The second drive is quite eventful outside of MVP(!) Duraz Lang is taken out of the game by a hailstorm of rocks from the sideline.

In the second half Rykarth Zu Karaz is able to sack Alysheba. Lightspeed Champions is able to come out of the turn over situation as the bull centaur is unable to pick up the ball. With Rykarth Zu Karaz and Barag Galopp outmaneuvered, Shadowfax have no issues settling the final tally at 2-0.

Rumor has it that Zorn-Bak-Kyrre and Côtagar de Boeuf had a nasty fallout in the dugout post game.

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