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Men in Tights

Race:  Wood Elf
Coach:  Kaufer
In all great races and societies, there are some people who like to dress up in tight clothes and dance around in the streets. These people are sometimes refered to as fairyboys, or wossies.

They, on the other hand, like to be called men who are wearing tights. And as a tribute to that great group of people, the Men in Tights was formed. Dancing around the pitch like women.

Men in Tights team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
Aug. 27th, 2009 - old news
Loooong springbreak
Men in Tights have now finaly returned from an intensive training camp in Holland run by no other than Himler. The team is tired, but ready to whoop some ass. Their coach on the other hand has been lying on a beach in LA tanning himself. He has this to say: "Look at that belly!" Pointing at Capshaw.

Some people speculate if this was the right move for Men in Tights ass their team is exausted and Kaufer has gotten sun canser. I guess time will show as Men in Tights is now finay ready to play some scheduled matches!
- Kaufer
Dec. 6th, 2008 - old news
I liek where this is goin'
The Men in Tights is starting to play much better as a team, showing that even without a Wardancer they can beat the Dark Elves.

The coach is now wondering if the team is ready for Alpha League...
- Kaufer
Oct. 1st, 2008 - old news
Dealing With Halflings...
Dont like 'em. Even with our brute strength (3) and dirty tricks (none), they just wont die. Or stop playing for that matter.

To take em, you need a wardancer. Not mine though, you need one that can leap without falling...

Well, i get one more chance. Hopefully a victory this time :)
- Kaufer
Tournaments played:
Season VI, Season VII, Season VIII, Semi Pro X
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