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Drink Keffo Koffee

Result of Keffo Kup XVIII

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  Team trophy    Winner Race
& coach
  da Golden Keffo Orc   Into Encane  Chaos Dwarf
  Keffo Kup silver   Greenfield Asshuggers  Halfling
  Keffo Kup Bronze   Brotherhood of Pain  Elven Union
  Player prize    Winner Type
& team
  MVP Keffo Kup     Casper Bounty (100000 gp) Goblin Web Master
AnBBL Staff
  MVP Keffo Kup     StrongBranch DeepRoot Bounty (100000 gp)retired Star Player Deeproot Strongbranch
Greenfield Asshuggers
  MVP Keffo Kup     Galadriel Bounty (200000 gp) Wood Elf Catchers
Woodland Dodgers
The Impi emptied da Golden Keffo Orc when reclaiming da trophy at Keffo Kup XVIII. Drinking all that Keffo gave him a frenzied state, known as da Keffo Frenzy.

Fritz von List predicting MVP Offence at Keffo Kup XVIII Fritz von List correctly predicting the MVP Offence of Keffo Kup XVIII

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Keffo Kup 18
Nellie's Golden Juggs
RookieOfTheYear XVII
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