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Jan. 28th, 2017
Public Service Announcement
Valdres Rakfolkfestival have decided to join the Anarchy Blood Bowl League (AnBBL). In an attempt to appeal to fans from a broader geographical area the team will now be known as NORSK RAKFOLKFESTIVAL. The team will comprise of old players from the PS4-league, the food posioned of the annual fish festival, and the dead players of any opposing team.

Any team brave enough to oppose our side are expected to supply their dead for an immediate transfer.

About this press release.
Anarchy Blood Bowl league consist of teams in two concentrated parts of Norway. Setermoen teams attend the North Conference, while Hamar & Oslo teams attend the South Conference.

Valdres Rakfolkfestval was an incredibly successful zombie team playing in the PS4 league with an impressive record of 1 full time victory, 5 draws, and 13 losses. (5 W - 1L consessions)

Norsk Rakfolkfestival is an annual food festival held in Valdres, fielding its own Blood Bowl team using players recruited among the food poisoned participant.
- kyrre
Norsk Rakfolkfestival
Race:  Necromantic Horror
Coach:  Kyrre

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