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Sep. 22nd, 2007
Kruncha Style!
Oh what a match yesterday against Ballistic Angels! We gave no quarter and demolished them so soundly that most of the players that ended up in the box didn`t even dare step out on the pitch again...

Foolish that they thought that by putting me out of a game would make the team play any poorer! With no one out there to control the ladz they just went on a rampage :-D

Wychwetyl's comes da PAIN!

- Red Skullz
Sep. 2nd, 2007
Tough start..
Damn those humies! Putting me on the sideline the next match...luckily Scabbywee is interested in keeping himself valuable to the team, he will cover for me while I recover.

As far as the result against Purple Bluebirds the result isn`t telling the entire story. Hadn`t it been for some ill fated luck on some crucial points for us where he had that luck the result would`ve been something entirely else. So we are not daunted!

Good thing is that we only inflicted serious injuries and they will have a hard next game due to this :-D

We`ve managed to get our hands on a new player as well, Nobnob is ready to krunch and will make our defence even stronger.

- Red Skullz
Aug. 18th, 2007
Going Pro!
After a successful training season in the Semi`s we`re now ready to hit the big league in Group A!

We know that we`ll be among the underdogs but we`ve enlisted some help that we`ll use when needed ;-)

On another note we`ve noticed that there is a new orc team in the league, namely Iron Rock 69'ers! Our spies tell us that they are running a very different line-up than our Head Coach Red Skullz had decided for us but we wish them the best of luck and may season IV be the season for all things GREEN & MEAN!

- Red Skullz
June 3rd, 2007
First orc win in AnBBL history!!
That`s right folks!

In an incredible display da Kruncha Bunch manages to pull of a win against BATtling Cobras. Not only that but the match logged 6 completions and 5 TDs!

Now that`s worrying for the rest of group Bravo since everyone thought orcs where only good for krumpin`!!

- Red Skullz
da Kruncha Bunch
Race:  Orc
Coach:  Red Skullz

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