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Sep. 3rd, 2008
Extra training
After da Sneaky Runtz - Ballistic Angels (Season VI, NC9) the Ballistic Angels statkeeper adviced Paratus to arrange for extra dodge training.

"To win a game we have to stay on our feet..." is Paratus' only comment after the horrible event...
- Paratus
Sep. 22nd, 2007
NUFFLE dislikes BA-hooligans
In the game Ballistic Angels - da Kruncha Bunch (Season IV, NC 3) Ballistic Angels was severly punished by Nuffle.

Nuffle is clearly displeased with the BA-hooligans disrupting the fine game of Bloodbowl, and punishes Ballistic Angels with double skulls at the worst possible times...

As a result of this HC Paratus is willing to take drastic measures: Before every game we will sacrifice a barrel of beer to please Nuffle.
- Paratus
Sep. 20th, 2007
BA hooligans praise Wychwetyl's Troupe
There's a huge brawl in the Bar Ballistic while the BA fans are watching the game Wychwetyl's Troupe - Purple Bluebirds (Season IV, NC 3). The barkeeper says not to worry, it was to celebrate Wychwetyl's Troupe's victory over the better ranked Purple Bluebirds, indicating that there's even a chance for their beloved Ballistic Angels.
- Paratus
Aug. 2nd, 2007
Again the beer-drinking, blood-loving BA fans have gone ballistic and taken the Bloodbowl spirit into the stands.
Of the 17.000 fans attending the game Lucky 13 - Ballistic Angels (Season III, NC round 4) only 10.000 left the stadium on their own feet. The apothecaries on both teams had to give away their supplies of painkillers to calm down the rest...
- Paratus
June 12th, 2007
The match between Lords of the Pit - Ballistic Angels (Season III, Sponsor promotion match) brought tears of joy to the sponsor's eyes. Never in the history of AnBBL has there been a bloodier match. 11 players suffered injuries and two were killed, the stands were drenched in blood and BLOODWEISER.
- Paratus
May 16th, 2007
Mess with a losing streak!
After 6 consecutive losses Paratus went ballistic, threatening the players of Ballistic Angels that there would only be water on the sidelines and in the locker-room.
Panic spread throughout the team, there was only one thing to do. -Mess with the losing steak, kick some ass and score some TD's...
And so they did: Ballistic Angels - Lucky 13 (Season II, 3rd place)
- Paratus
May 10th, 2007
Due to the transition from LRB4 to LRB5 the Ballistic Angels' bench-sitting Ogre has finally done what is best for him; left the team.
He will for sure be seen in AnBBL in the future, as he has started his own team. The team is basically his best friends, but since they then would exceed the weight limit for AnBBL teams, the team had to supplement with some smaller "exposables"..
- Paratus
Feb. 21st, 2007
Angels gone ballistic
The Angels went Ballistic on Lords of the Pit, and after two furious halves the Lords were lowered into their pit!

2 TD's gave Hrolf a well deserved space in the Hall of Fame. As did Busbyr for his completions.
- Paratus
Ballistic Angels
Race:  Norse
Coach:  Paratus

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