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Match result

Team badge
Warpstone Warriors

gate: 33 000
4 TD score 2
cas score
Team badge
Trump Tower Praetorians


Newmouse Micetrodamus
Basil "Bird" MicEtiny Bounty (40000 gp)
Newmouse Micetrodamus
Newmouse Micetrodamus
TD Scorers
Cockus Ginormicus
Scorius Maximus
Foulers (no cas)

Gnagertroll Tåll
Mickey MacSlicer
Badly Hurt'ers

Slim Cheese
Serious Injurers

Stitch "Iron Man" Macehand

Newmouse Micetrodamus
Basil "Bird" MicEtiny Bounty (40000 gp)
Completions By
Throwus Farus
Throwus Farus
Throwus Farus
Interceptions By

Slim Cheese
MVP awards to
Titus Pantaloonius
  Sustained Injuries  
Niggling Injury
Runnicus Touchdownius
-1 MA
victim healed by apoth
Biggus Dickus Bounty (40000 gp) dead
Result added April 12th, 2017

Match notes
There are those who have said Trump Tower Praetorians should be more humble, even quoting scriptures saying pride goeths before the fall, to them I say two things:

First off, we more humble? Trump Tower Praetorians is the humblest people ever, just recently they had an audience with the Pope and I'be been told, and people say this, the Pope said: "whoa, Tone it down with the humble!" And I even met a monk, and this was a good monk, like level 10, with ki-strike and everything, and he was really impressed with our most humble humlbleness.

Second, who are you to quote scriptures at us? We keep the bible ready at all times and we're just ready to whip that bad boy out and compare favourite passages, the best is from the testament of awesome 13:37: "Thouh shalt not put brakes on thine rape train, toot toot!"

Anyway these damn filthy rats of Warpstone Warriors jumped the gun on kickoff three times! Damn cheaters, no way to play honourably! They even killed Biggus Dickus in one of these cheater rounds! I hear as a consequence all the whores of the land are crossing their legs in mourning.

BUT, as soon as the Trump Tower Praetorians was able to start playing properly, they quickly closed the two point lead gained by the Warpstone Warriors false starts. Can you believe this Herculean effort, Trump Tower Praetorians made it look easy to just walk across the pitch and put the goal while the filthy rats were spread out across the field.

Anyway, then some other stuff happened and Trump Tower Praetorians WON, as they always do! Everything else is FAKE NEWS! So sad to spread lies. SAD!

This is why we need to build the WALL!

These match notes are fair and balanced.

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