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Match result

Semi Pro XI, Semi Submersibel
Team badge
Lords of the Pit

gate: 40 000
2 TD score 0
cas score
Team badge
Purple Bluebirds


Sempr Gallo
Clauster Bumm
TD Scorers
Foulers (no cas)

mercenary / fans / random event
Badly Hurt'ers
Reven Getod Arats dead

profile Baxter Mittenz
Serious Injurers
Manly McRoekick retired

mercenary / fans / random event
Rawp Over
Eightball McClansman

Clauster Bumm
Completions By
Eightball McClansman

Clauster Bumm
Interceptions By

Ilinel Deadhaunter
MVP awards to
Fredryck Bittersmuss
  Sustained Injuries  
Miss Next Game
Fric Tion Glovert
Balldur Fetcher

victim regenerated
Niggling Injury

Wer Bayer dead
victim healed by apoth
Reven Getod Arats dead
Result added February 15th, 2013

Match notes
A lot of fans turn up to see this age old rivalry match, between the esteemed Lords of the Pit and the infamous Purple Bluebirds.

To please the fans, coach Capshaw hired Ramtuut and Hack 'n Slash as his team has been reduced a bit since its peaking days.

The fans is also pleased to see the first Purple Bluebirds match since theflopping Season VIII.

Purple Bluebirds wins the cointoss, and receive in first half, man have they forgotten their winning tactics..

Quarterback and ladiesman Eightball McClansman is eager to show his passing talents, but his receivers seem to have forgotten the shape of the ball. To much boobiefiddling some say..
T1: a perfect pass to Fric Tion Glovert whos in the open - he drops it! The crowd goes wild, some shouting fire him.
T2: after a bit of a strugle, Eightball McClansman gets the ball back, and makes another perfect pass to a closetoendzone possitioned Fric Tion Glovert - he drops it again! Now more fans shout fire him!

Then Fric Tion Glovert is sent crowdsurfing, and the fans manage to stop his heart - though in doubt, The Ref orders the apoth to save his life... The fans did a good job though, so Fric Tion Glovert has to miss the next match.

Somewhere in between this Sempr Gallo scores a touchdown..

T7: Catching the kick, Eightball McClansman scans the deep end for receivers and finds his favourite in the open. He throws another perfect pass, this time to Ivan Shureglove - he drops it! The crowd turns mute, they cannot believe it!! Ivan Shureglove never dropped a perfect pass in the old days..
T8: The sideline hand signals tells Eightball McClansman not to give up his perfect passing game, and this time Ivan Shureglove has positioned himself in the endzone and in the open. Eightball McClansman runs to pick up the ball, and throws it - a perfect pass again. But wait... Ivan Shureglove fails the catch again!

The half ends with a lot of murmur at the tribunes, and The Ref has a few issues to bring up during halftime..

2nd half:
T3: Eightball McClansman is the safety, a ghoul of no importance (Wer Bayer) is positioned close to theendzone. Eightball McClansman makes a block, both down - its a hard hit, killing the ghoul! Man that quarterback earns his sallary!!
T4: but theres no stopping the othe Lords of the Pit players advancing the ball for another touchdown..
T5: RIOT - the Purple Bluebirds fàns blame the referees for running the clock in favour of Lords of the Pit. Regardless of the truthfulness of this claim, the referees turns back the clock one turn. This gives Purple Bluebirds three turns to make a touchdown, but first ey must advance the ball... Eightball McClansman gets the ball and pass it towards Ivan Shureglove - he catch it!! The crowd goes wild, as he now is protected by the teams blitzers and ogre, advancing towards the endzone.

Then Clauster Bumm shows his sidestepping abilities, forcing an unconventional tactic - Ruben Featherfist running to the endzone and Ivan Shureglove trying to pass him the ball. The ball leaves Ivan Shureglove's hands in a perfect arc - but then Clauster Bumm INTERCEPTS it.

The game ends, not the best comeback for Purple Bluebirds...

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