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Match result

Season IV, SC Semi Final
Team badge
Salacious Sybarites

gate: 60 000
1 TD score 2
cas score
Team badge
Ratten Kameraten


profile Abigail Fellate
TD Scorers
profile Willy Vånd Bounty (270000 gp) retired
profile Vresiga Viggen dead
Foulers (no cas)
Badly Hurt'ers

profile Jeremiah Lovesick
mercenary / fans / random event
mercenary / fans / random event
Serious Injurers

profile Jeremiah Lovesick
mercenary / fans / random event

profile Mordecai the Lustful
profile Shemaiah Lavish
profile Mordecai the Lustful
profile Neriah Downer Bounty (20000 gp)
Completions By
profile Vresiga Viggen dead
profile Jorge Jordrotte Bounty (20000 gp) retired
Interceptions By

profile Nathan Potente
MVP awards to
profile Vetle Werfer Bounty (20000 gp)
  Sustained Injuries  
Miss Next Game
profile Ishmael Isjias retired
Niggling Injury
Longe Conicio retired
-1 MA
profile Vetle Werfer Bounty (20000 gp)
victim healed by apoth
profile Ralph Rattus dead
Result added December 8th, 2007

Match notes
1st half

«Welcome to this South Conference play-off-semi, between Salacious Sybarites and teamd(Rat). The rain pours down on the 60'000 spectators drawn here today.»

That's right, Skip, a real healthy crowd, despite the weather.

«The Salacious Sybarites has elected to receive and Neriah Downer pushes the Rat-Ogre Rattus Norvegicus, who falls down... it didn't look like there's a reason to... By Nuffle! His jugular pumps out gallons of blood, luckily the apothecary was alert.»

Yes, a real nasty injury it was, well the Sybarites work themselves up to the middle, were there's a blitz against ball-carrier, Uriah Deep, who tosses the ball erroneously.

«Yes, but Neriah Downer is on a roll, K.O.'ing Jorge Jordrotte while Ezekiel Deceit fails to pick up, due to the rain.»

Right, but then Rudiger Rattus knocks himself down, and the Sybarites grab the ball and move forward.

«Then the game degenerates into a fouling competition, but noone is expelled. The Sybarites try a little fancy play, but fails due to rain and finally Abigail Fellate runs in a touchdown before the clock runs out.»

2nd half

«The rats finished with only a handful players on field, but they have a full complement for the second half, shows the importance of having a large squad.»

That's right, the Sybarites, who have played very nice this far in the tournament, can't be said to do so anymore, and by this stage in the game, four rats are out, including a dead Ralph Rattus.

«Yes, but they seem more inclined to rough up the rats, than they seem intent on putting up a defence, which is the best in the whole AnBBL... the rats score easily, once again the star Willy Vånd get's the honour.»

Well, the rats take vent their anger upon Neriah Downer.

«Yeah, knocked down by a rat ogre, then stomped on by half the Rat-Kam team... no wonder he's taken a breather...»

Well, the Sybarites look sure to win this. The rats' Rattus Norvegicus is tied up and without him they can't mount a proper defence. To add insult to injury, their best thrower; Vetle Werfer has gotten his leg badly damaged.

«Yes, Ezekiel Deceit stands down by the TD-line, after some fancy running play by the sybarites, protected by an entourage. And the clock is ticking, surely the Sybarites will take this game.»

but the rats try a last-ditch effort, with Jorge Jordrotte dodging through and blocking the trained dark-elf, by Nuffle! Ezekiel Deceit is layed flat!

«What is the odds of that, Jonny?»

1:36, Skip, 1:216 on the whole run, not counting re-rolls or breaking the fourth wall. That's Blood Bowl, for you; volatile, dangerous and completely unexpected.

«Yes, and that's just the after-party-celebrations.»

Salacious Sybarites ( 1 - 2 ) Ratten Kameraten

Sybarites inflicted 5 # injuries, including two kill, one saved by apothecary and 6 # K'O'.es

Ratten Kameraten inflicted five, and it's safe to say their battle-strenght is reduced before the SC Final against Jungelfeber.

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