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Match result

Semi Pro XVI, Semi Pro
Team badge
Da Arsekikkaz

gate: 27 000
1 TD score 2
cas score
Team badge
Cleveland Brown Rats


TD Scorers
Edward Vermin
Don Mascalzone
Foulers (no cas)

Dietrich Von Arzekick
Chchmeister Chrush
Badly Hurt'ers

Chchmeister Chrush
fans / random event
Serious Injurers

Arsekrakk McBootplace
Completions By
Don Mascalzone
Connie the Comet II
Interceptions By

Arsekrakk McBootplace
MVP awards to
Sylvester Cafone
  Sustained Injuries  
Miss Next Game
Babe Ruthless
-1 AV
Arnie Schwartzenratte
Result added April 1st, 2020

Match notes
Da Arsekikkaz played their frst match for a very long time, but didn´t seem rusty at all...

The first half Cleveland Brown Rats started receiving, resulting in two relatively easy goals.
The second half the rats numbers declined rapidly, and the orcs reduced the score to 1-2. Just five rats tried desperately to stop 11 orcs, and managed barely to do so, In the final turn of the match an orc blitzer needed a 3+ pick up to equal the score, but that failed, ending the match 1-2 in favour of Cleveland Brown Rats

The orcs are now in good shape, and everybody on the roster is fit for their next game.
The rats are in a worse shape, Babe Ruthless will not recover for the next game, and Arnie Schwartzenratte got -1AV and will also miss the next game.

The good news is that Sylvester Cafone has developed a claw, and that Edward Vermin has increased his already excellent movement.

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