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Match result

Semi Pro XIV, Nachspiel
Åker Nihilistiske Sportsmønstring

gate: 28 000
2 TD score 0
cas score
Slagpåserna från Sverige


TD Scorers
Badly Hurt'ers
mercenary / star

Hume Bounty (100000 gp)
Serious Injurers

Completions By
Jean Banan
Interceptions By

MVP awards to
Jean Banan
  Sustained Injuries  
Niggling Injury
Dolphan Drakesson
Result added November 4th, 2017

Match notes
With the help of Morg 'N' Thorg and Grashnak Blackhoof the hobgoblins where able to hold off the Dark Elf for almost the entire first half. When ÅNS finally got a touchdown , coache decided that there was no time to even the score and went for bashing the opposition instead. Clearly prepared Åker wasted no time bringing down the entire team including three big guys.

Åker NS scored another touchdown in the second half winning the game handily.

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