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AnBBL - Rules description  
LRB5 Complete
This is the complete rulebook, containing the rules on witch AnBBL and Blood Bowl world wide is based. Press this link to open/download LRB5. Save a copy to your harddisk or print one for bed time reading.   
AnBBL Special Rules
The AnBBL special rules mainly describe trophies and league organisation, but also a few house rules regarding team help to "difficult teams" like goblins, halflings and ogres.   
AnBBL - Tournament Info description  
Keffo Kup X
Rules and information used to arrange Keffo Kup 10, in the meager beginnings when this was a local tournament for AnBBL players only.   
Keffo Kup XVII Info Pack
Da Rules Pack for Keffo Kup 17, this time as our first NAF Sanctioned tournament, where 12 players participated to win da Golden Keffo Orc and other awards.   
Keffo Kup XI
Rules and information published for Keffo Kup 11, in the meager beginnings when this was a local tournament for AnBBL players only. Sadly this tournament was cancelled.   
BB leagues description  
Aros Blood Bowl League - danish tabletop cup located in Århus and creators of this online system we use. Thanks to Casper!   
Kong Kynde Cup
Aros BBL players playing the LRB Tournaments between ABBL Seasons.   
The Brisbane Area Blood Bowl League. An open challenge structured table top league in Brisbane.   
BB related links description  
Official BB site
Games Workshop (the publishers of Blood Bowl) hosts this official BB site.   
Talk Blood Bowl
A forum dedicated to everything concerning Blood Bowl.   
NAF is a more or less official community for blood bowlers world wide.   
Carroburg Cobras
A few good houserules here, i.e. Referee rules and the BB variant Boulder Bowl.   
Blood Bowl Playbook
"The Blood Bowl PlayBook is the collection of the best strategies, tactics and tips for Blood Bowl."   
BB Strategies description
Diverse playbooks og annet som er nyttig når man skal starte nye lag, lære seg taktikker med de ulike rasene osv.   
1000 losses Lessons Learned
A book with general strategies on all things blood bowl. A Must Read.   
Blood Bowl Variants description  
Boulder Bowl
The ball is replaced with a boulder of random size. To score you must push it into the endzone. Check out the rules here :)   
Cross Check - Hockey
The rules are based on BB LRB rules, and the modifications are found here. Basicly it's new skills, a different roster, fewer players on field, different turns and cool model convertion possibilities :)   
Inspiration description  
Scratch built Stadiums
This is a german site containing a lot of cool Blood Bowl stadiums. Inspired to build a home stadium for your team(s) ? I am...   
Name Generator
Run out of fantasy have you? Then go here and download this name generator, to create exiting names for your players.   
Decal Zone (logos)
Struggling to find your teams logo? Here's something to get inspired by :)   
Chris Creamer's Sports Logos
Struggeling with finding a nice logo for your team? Here are two nice sites to get your mind in the mood...   
BB Old Skool Picture Archive
This page contains inspiration for those who paint Blood Bowl miniatures.   
7th sanctum Name Generator
Great online name generators with many categories. Helpful, and also easy to use :)   
BB Advertizements
Stadium advertizements collected in one Talk Blood Bowl thread for your convenience.   
Custom Coins
Would'nt it be superb to have our own AnBBL coin? Or a NAF coin with NAF sanctioned leagues on one side(i.e. AnBBL) and the NAF logo on the other side.. Our own AnBBL membership coin would be great!   
Resources & E-shops description  
ABBL downloads
Here you'll find a LRB5 reference sheet, amongst other usefull downloads.   
Tritex Games Miniatures
Check out their amazing range of minis for a very affordable price right here!   
Buy skulpting putty
A great place to buy putty for sculpting monsters, closing gaps when building castles or dugouts etc. I.e. for all of you loving the hobby. (it's like green stuff, just more and slower drying)   
Games Workshop
The homepage for GW.   
Bits and Kits UK
Warhammer 40K and Fantasy Bitz   
Warhammer & 40K Plastic Bits   
Impact Miniatures
Minaitures etc (basing suplies as starter page)   
Lookstallen Hobby
This is a shop that provides everything you need to build railway models - hence they have plastic card in various shapes - very usefull for building scratch buildt models :)   
V.I.Forums description  
Team Anarchy!
Our own forum in norwegian for 40k, WHFB, BB and hobby projects.   
Da Warpath
Mainly a Greenskin forum, but lots of great stuff there :)   

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